This course is designed for Sport and Exercise Physicians and other medical practitioners working with or consulting to athletes and sports in Australia.

This course follows the story of four athletes who have it all in front of them. 

Find out how they get on, and what decisions they could have made to turn the situation around.

This e-learning program is designed to help you understand what match-fixing is, its consequences, how to recognise it and report it. 

There are four different modules to complete. At the end of each, there will be a knowledge check to help you understand each section. 

Course Length: 20 minutes

This course has been developed in cooperation with the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) to give Parents' and Guardians information on Clean Sport.

Course Length: 20 minutes

Certificate available at end of course

This course has been developed to provide athletes detailed information on Whereabouts, what information is required, how to submit Whereabouts, the consequences along with hints and tips to providing Whereabouts information.

Course Length: 10 minutes