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Anti-Doping Fundamentals Course

Comprehensive anti-doping education designed for all athletes and support personnel participating in competitive sport.

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Webinar: The What, Why and How Behind Safeguarding Children and Young People in Sport

Presented by Lisa Purves, Sport Integrity Australia’s Director Safeguarding, this webinar is aimed at all participants and members of sport across all levels including administrators, volunteers and parents. 

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Safeguarding Children and Young People in Sport Induction

This course is designed to help you understand Safeguarding Children and Young People in your sport, including the Children and Young People Safe Practices, and how to recognise and respond to possible breaches. 

The course is now delivered in a modular format and features two parts. Part one focuses on helping you understand Safeguarding Children and Young People in your sport. Part two is an optional Recruitment and Screening module designed for those involved in the recruitment of staff and volunteers in sport. The Recruitment and Screening module will become available after completing the Safeguarding Children and Young People in Sport Induction. 


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National Integrity Framework

This course provides sport administrators with background on Sport Integrity Australia, the development of the National Integrity Framework, and why it was developed including an overview of each Policy.

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Decision Making in Sport

This course poses challenging questions based on real-life predicaments faced by sportspeople at all levels. Learn how to apply your personal values and principles to the ethical dilemmas of the sporting world.

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Annual Update 2023

This course is for athletes and support personnel who need to stay up to date on the latest integrity information. This course is updated annually to reflect current trends in anti-doping and broader integrity issues. A badge is issued upon completion and expires on 2nd March each year.

A pre-requisite for this course is the successful completion of Anti-Doping Fundamentals course. 

If you have just completed Anti-Doping Fundamentals and are unable to enroll, please allow 15 minutes for the system to recognise your completion and try again. 

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Parents' Guide to Clean Sport

Designed to teach parents of young athletes about the Anti-Doping rules, doping risks, healthy sport culture, nutrition and the risks of supplement use.

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Cyber Safety and Security for Sports

Designed for anyone working in a sporting organisation, this course covers the potential cyber threats faced by sporting organisations, and equips employees with the tools to make their organisations more resilient to cyber attacks. 

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PBTR - Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

MPIO training is provided in two parts: the online course and the local face to face training.

The PBTR MPIO online course is tailored towards those seeking to become recognised MPIO officers in their State, covering the MPIO role, complaint resolution procedures, member protection and the law, child protection, harassment and discrimination, and ethical and practical considerations.

To become a fully accredited MPIO, as well as completing the online course, you must also undertake local face to face training via your state/territory MPIO training provider.  To access provider contacts please click here: Member Protection Information Officer training - Play by the Rules - Making Sport inclusive, safe and fair

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Introduction to Illicit Drugs in Sport

This course follows the story of four athletes who have it all in front of them. 

Find out how they get on, and what decisions they could have made to turn the situation around.

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PBTR - Child Protection and Safeguarding

The PBTR Child Protection and Safeguarding course is designed to help users: Recognise the Child Safe Standards and find relevant Child Protection Legislation; Identify your role in child protection and safeguarding and work through what to do if child abuse occurs in your sport or club; Define the types, signs, risk factors and impacts of child abuse in a sport or club setting; and Identify steps to create a child safe environment in your sport or club.

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PBTR - Harassment and Discrimination

The PBTR Harassment and Discrimination online course is an interactive course that provides an introduction to discrimination law and discusses the implications of discrimination and harassment on sports clubs and associations. It provides users with an understanding of discrimination and harassment and what to do if an incident occurs.

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PBTR - Complaint Handling

The PBTR Complaint Handling course is designed to help users understand strategies around how to handle complaints appropriately and efficiently. Participants are encouraged to complete both the Child Protection and the Harassment and Discrimination courses prior to this course.

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PBTR - Inclusive Coaching

The PBTR Inclusive Coaching course provides an opportunity for community coaches to develop their own approach and strategies for inclusion. It includes practical case studies and examples of what it means to be inclusive of all people, what inclusion and diversity means for your sport, and what discrimination means under the law.

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PBTRs - Mini Course - Walking the Talk

The PBTR Walking the Talk mini-course introduces three case studies based on situations participants might face in community sport. It is designed to encourage participants to think about how integrity can be recognised and improved in a community sport setting.

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Competition Manipulation and Sports Betting

This e-learning program is designed to help you understand what Competition Manipulation and Sports Betting is, its consequences, how to recognise it and report it. 

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PBTRs - Ethics and Ethical Decision Making in Sport

The PBTRs - Ethics and Ethical Decision Making in Sport provides an introduction to ethics, and an ethical decision making framework that participants can use to assist decision making. Participants will learn what ethics are and how they relate to values, principles, and morals, and how to apply the ethical decision making framework in a sporting context.

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PBTR Mini Course - Let Kids be Kids

The PBTR Let Kids be Kids mini-course addresses poor sideline behaviour at junior sport. Participants will learn what motivates children to participate in sport, how to identify and address poor adult behaviour in a sporting context, and how to take into consideration the views and opinions of children and young people.

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PBTRs - Introduction to the Integrity of Sport

The PBTRs Introduction to the Integrity of Sport provides an overview of integrity issues in sport, including how and why integrity issues occur, and what has been done to address them. This course is the recommended starting point for the Integrity in Sport series of mini-courses.

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PBTR - LGBTI+ Inclusive Club

The PBTR LGBTI+ course is designed to help sporting organisations adopt a culture that is inclusive of LGBTI+ people. This course will assist participants to define the LGBTI+ inclusion, adopt inclusive language, and address barriers to inclusion in the future.

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Medical Practitioners Course

This course is for medical practitioners and athlete medical support personnel.

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Coaches Course

Anti-Doping knowledge tailored to the important role coaches play in their athletes' lives. To enrol in this course, you must first complete Anti-Doping Fundamentals. 

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Classification Fundamentals

Comprehensive education about classification in Para-sport. Designed for all athletes and support personnel participating in competitive sport.

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Clean Sport 101

An introduction to Anti-Doping rules written in plain English. Designed for pathway athletes early in their careers, unlikely to be tested, and community/grassroots levels.

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